About Us

A Yacht Club for Christians Who Love Cruising

The Galilean Yacht Club (GYC) was founded in 1978 by a few Christian friends and boating enthusiasts who wanted to enjoy boating in the Great Northwest with other Christians. Members own or lease boats of all sizes and types, large and small, power and sail, and some have no boat at all.  But all share a love for the Lord, and for enjoying His creation on the water.  Club members belong to Christian churches in communities from South Puget Sound to British Columbia.  We are Christians first who love the Lord, and also enjoy the fellowship of Christian boaters.

We would like to answer your questions about the Galilean Yacht Club and cordially invite you to consider joining our membership.  Please contact our Commodore or Secretary/Treasurer using the information on the Contact Us page.  If you are a Pacific Northwest boater and a Christian, we think you’ll agree that this is a great boating club.  We hope to see you on our next cruise.

A Christian Witness on the Water

The club burgee is easy to recognize, with its bright blue background and white Christian fish symbol.  Flying it often results in an opportunity to witness to others in the boating community about your faith and about our club.

A Full Season of Weekend Cruises

GYC’s primary activities revolve around the club cruises.  Our annual schedule offers weekend and holiday cruises about once a month from April through September (see the Calendar of Events). Cruises are planned often in the Central and South Puget Sound to such places as Poulsbo, Blake Island, Kingston, Port Orchard and Gig Harbor. Cruises in Northern Puget Sound frequently head for Blakely Island, Friday Harbor, Fisherman’s Bay, Deer Harbor, LaConner, or Anacortes.

An Easy Way to Enjoy Your Boat

Each cruise is hosted by one or two club members who arrange moorage at the destination and plan activities such as potlucks, hikes, outings, games, and church services.  Worship services are held on the dock, a boat, nearby marina shelters, or at a local church.  We have many opportunities to share the message of Jesus Christ in the ports that we visit.  We strive to be visible witnesses of our faith in Jesus.

A Time of Fun and Fellowship

Our club cruises are lots of fun, and since we boat as a group there is always someone around to help with any boating problems or just with general repairs, maintenance, advice or exchange of ideas.  (Even Christian boaters are always ready to offer advice!)  We also enjoy touring each other’s boats, or just dropping in for a chat, a friendly game, or a look at the latest addition or improvement to the boat.   Above all, we enjoy Christian fellowship while boating in God’s most beautiful waters here in the Pacific Northwest.

A Long Cruise in Mid-Summer

The club sponsors a long cruise of two or three weeks duration each year, usually in July or August.  The two week cruises often have destinations in the San Juan and Southern Gulf Islands, while the three-week cruises may go as far as Desolation Sound.  Ports of call include a mix of marinas and anchorages.  The cruise maintains a group float plan, but individual boaters often come and go on their own schedules, making side trips and joining the club off and on.  Other club events include the annual meeting and occasional get-togethers in the off-season.